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Digital marketing offers endless opprtunities. But there is a catch. A lot of marketing techniques could turn into cash pot-holes if not implemented in the right manner. Even though each marketing approach is different in terms of cost, time, expected results and effort, some marketing tactics produce real results, but only if implemented as a part of one unified marketing approach. The overall success of a campaign depends on the smart combination and alignment of a few chosen tactics. With the boom in the tech industry there are greater opportunities and in order to capture the right customer for you, Media Singh provides you with pre-verified OR pre-qualified leads.

What are pre-verified OR pre-qualified leads?

Pre-verified OR pre-qualified leads are the leads are the leads that we provide to you, which are potential customers for future. By AI techniques we capture leads for you and personally collect the leads that are interested in your business. Our team focuses on providing you only the leads that are of prime interest to you.

At Media Singh, we understand the importance of lead generation and how authenticity is of top priority. So to serve our clients we don’t just generate leads for their business development, we give pre-verified leads for your business development. Media Singh is one of the best for pre-verified lead generation for website development company in Delhi – NCR.


Easy Replacement

Though we assure you to provide only quality leads but still we can help you in case you want to have a replacement of the lead not relevant to your business.​​

Verified Leads

We believe in the quality rather than the quantity so we offer verified leads only as firstly the leads are verified by our sales team.​​

Wide Audience

With the different business having different set of audience as their requirements so for that we have a wide range of audience to target on.​

Good Quality Leads

With the experience of serving leads to different businesses with different niche, we are presently the leading Lead generation agency in Delhi NCR​​

Fast Results

Though people have a state of mind that lead generation is a time consuming process but actually you can start getting the results from day 1. ​​

Live Support

We can provide you real time support for all your queries. Our sales team is available 24x7 for your support and to solve all your queries.​​


Giving you verified, qualified and wider audience for your business. Give us a call today and get a free quotation.